Skill #15: Transitioning into Instructional Design

Instructional design, as described by my guest, instructional designer Katie Price, means you create courses to help people—whether it’s students at a university or end-users for a product—learn a new subject.

Take Lynda, for example: the career development website from LinkedIn. You visit the site to learn a new skill—and you find a course that, through videos, powerpoints, graphics, and good ole’ written content, teaches you that skill.

That’s instructional design and—as you’ll learn in this episode—it’s a wonderful career move for technical writers hoping to transition into a new field.

To help us unpack this skill, I’ve got Katie Price, instructional designer at Azusa university, on the podcast to share with us how technical writers can transition into instructional design, including:

  • what types of projects instructional designers work on

  • what skills you need to learn to excel in instructional design

  • how to use your existing skills to transition into the field