Skill #12: Teaching Technical Writing

The technical writer has a variety of valuable skills – such as making documents enjoyable to read and complex topics easy to understand – however, the skill that I think is most valuable for the technical writer is the desire to stay relevant and advance their career.

So we pick up a programming language; we get continued education; we dig into API documentation, hopefully through Tom Johnson’s course on his site, I’d rather be writing.

But there’s another way to advance our career in technical writing – one that many of you in industry have perhaps never considered: teaching technical writing.

Jobs in teaching technical writing are rising – a great opportunity for the new and seasoned technical writer alike to make a career shift – and in this episode, our guest, Kim Campbell, professor and chair of Technical Communication at the University of North Texas, will tell you how to make it happen, including:

  • how to gain the right skills

  • how to adopt the right mindset for teaching

  • how to enjoy a fulfilling career in academia