Skill #22: Using Your Detective Skills as a Technical Writer

As technical writers, we often wear many different hats within an organization: we write documentation that teaches people how to use a product; we test new features to ensure they’re working properly; we write marketing copy that encourages people to research a product. 

But, as you’ll learn in this episode, we wear another hat that perhaps haven’t considered but is essential to the technical writers’ skill set: the detective hat. 

That’s why, in this episode, I have Jamie Roddy on the podcast: Manager of Technical Communicators who leads a team of global technical communicators who, from her love of detective shows, has found that the detective and the technical writer have a lot alike. 

In this episode, Jamie shares how you can use your detective skills as a technical writer, including:

  • which detective skills are most useful for technical writers

  • how to ramp up those skills

  • how detective skills can help you transition into other fields within a software company