Skill #21: Mentoring Prospective Tech Writers

All technical writers can look back on their career and likely think of a specific person or two who helped them advance their career. It could be a former professor who encouraged them to take technical writing courses; a friend who introduced them to the field; or a boss who invested time into their work.

For prospective technical writers, these mentors are essential to professional development—and landing that first sweet, sweet tech writing job—because they take the time to understand the mentees hopes, dreams, and struggles (and come alongside to help throughout the process). 

That’s why, in this episode, I have John Paz on the podcast: Senior Content Designer at Atlassian and mentoring wizard, who’s helped several current and prospective tech writers navigate the field and make the most of their skill sets. 

In this episode, John shares his experiences as a mentor to prospective tech writers, and how you can do the same, including

  • how to find prospective mentees

  • how to foster a relationship with mentees

  • and how mentoring can boost your own technical writing career.