Skill #20: Understanding Content Marketing

As technical writers, we excel at turning technical information into documentation that helps users understand complex concepts. We write software documentation that helps users understand a product; we create video tutorials that teach users how to use a feature. 

Software documentation is the technical writers’ bread and butter; however, perhaps unknowingly, technical writers could also thrive at content marketing: a form of marketing that shares a company’s story and expertise in an interesting, sales-boosting way.

To help us unpack this skill, we have Chad Lott on the podcast: Senior Copywriter at Zenreach, who, everyday works in the full suite of content marketing—from corporate blog writing to Google Ad Words.

In this episode, Chad shares his experiences as a content marketer, plus, shares tips on how you can transition into the field, including

  • How content marketing differs from technical writing

  • How content marketers succeed

  • And how to use your existing skills to transition into technical writing