Skill #19: Writing for Nonprofit Organizations

Throughout technical writers’ careers, they may find themselves working in several different industries: they could start their career writing end-user documentation for a software company; shift to healthcare to write white papers; maybe transition into marketing to write web copy. 

And this shouldn’t surprise us: technical writers have several skills that transfer well to different industries. 

That’s why, in this episode, you’re going to learn how to write for an industry that you perhaps haven’t considered—or, if you’re like me before I recorded this episode, you had a limited understanding of its opportunity. 

And that’s writing for nonprofit organizations. 

Turns out, technical writers have far more opportunities to contribute to a nonprofit’s mission beyond grant writing—and it this episode, you’ll learn how to use your technical writing skills to capture those opportunities. 

To help us unpack this skill, we have Kathleen Franks on the podcast: recent graduate of Auburn University’s Tech Comm Masters program and—throughout university— used her technical writing skills to assist several nonprofits. 

In this episode, Kathleen shares how you can use your skills to start writing for nonprofit organizations, including: 

  • Which technical writing skills best assist nonprofits

  • How to use your skills to advocate for nonprofits 

  • How to use your skills for more than just grant writing